Moving onto 2009

Date January 8, 2009

2008 was a bit of a roller coaster for me: I lost my Grandpy, had a chance at a writing contract, saw my best friend get married, found going back to the classroom difficult and continued to struggle with personal issues of health and fitness, fertility and depression.

Because of this I seem to have neglected many of things that make me happy- photography, writing and webstuff, spending time with friends.

Even as I headed into holidays there were so many things I wanted that I just haven’t got to, because of Christmas and illness- sewing, photos, movies.

So, I’m passing on resolutions. To be honest, I hate resolutions because the become a year end reminder of what I haven’t achieved.I’m going to put more thought and time into doing something more concrete, just not right now.

¬†Instead, I’m looking for little challenges in 2009




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