By way of explaination…..

Date March 22, 2010

I have a feeling I wish I could explain
I try to spirit it away with logical reasons
that seem all too indulgent-

I’m plagued by first world problems
Deadline season-
an overwhelming sense of obligation-

Not enough time to exercise
But my choice of social engagements
Too much good food and too few green leafy vegetables

Over stimulated and over consuming
of every moment, every opportunity
Are the simple moments passing me by too swiftly

with barely a whimper

One Response to “By way of explaination…..”

  1. Kasia said:

    This is really beautiful… :)
    It’s so well put. I totally hear you on this. i made a pact with myself this year to spend more time ‘noticing’, to make sure life doesn’t just pass me by without fully enjoying it.
    It’s just so hard when we get so busy! I think that acknowledging is is half the battle…

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